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Dreamer in Denial

7 June 1982
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Hello Again,

Welcome to my journal. I'm all friends only so if you're interested add me and comment so I know.

Me... I'm 25 and really an old lady. I did a degree in Forensic Psychology in Preston, hello if you know me from there. Then I moved to Leicester and did a masters, hello if you know me from there. Then I moved to Keele working towards a PGCE. For all people who thinks this is an easy option, you are wrong. I have never worked so hard in my life. I'm so glad I decided to do it. If I know you from Keele a very big hello. You are amazing. Now I'm a teacher, in Northumberland. All is well.

If I know you from other places, don't feel left out. i love you too. And if I don't know you at all. Welcome. Enjoy your visit.

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